Why We Tell Our Story And How It Liberates Us

My initial response to receiving some backlash from publishing my first article, Grappling With Fear And The Desire To Live My Authentic Truth, was to not write. Then I decided, Forget that! I am going to write, but I won’t share it on my Facebook. That didn’t feel right either. So here is my third article, Why We Tell Our Story And How It Liberates Us. After a few weeks of freaking out on the inside and fearing that I was going to lose people I love, and trying to fix it all in the old dysfunctional ways, I remembered my only job through this is to tell my truth and let others have theirs. I don’t get to pick how people respond to how I do that, they get to. I am going to care and love myself throughout this. I will not be mad at others who cannot support me in this journey. I will surround myself with people who can. My disclaimer is it took me a few weeks to sort through it and get here. I cried, got stuck in fear, raised my voice, felt resentful, wanted to dictate how others should respond, and finally………felt compassion for others and me, trusting authentic expression, love and kindness will always be the right path for me. I guess the silver lining here, is the dominant fear use to be embarrassment over not being a polished writer, but after the last few weeks, I only care that I keep writing, not so much about needing to be a better writer than I am, in this moment. Here is Why We Tell Our Story And How It Liberates Us….


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